Hail Pilgrims! Apologies for the long radio silence. We've been very busy putting the finishing touches to the next album, which looks like being called PLUMES and will be coming out in the very near future on the mighty Battle Worldwide Recordings. Here's a couple of pics of Mike in action in the studio, plus pointing out the hits on the big album wall chart..




















Also excited about beautiful new artwork from our friend Kimvi, plus videos coming soon from Danny Quanstrom, and Claire & Suzy, who did the videos for 22 & Fairer Sea respectively. And mostly we're excited because the lovely Darren at Battle says this album might even make it onto VINYL. How cool would that be?? Very!!  More news very soon..

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Mini news update, just a couple of things..


We've been added to a brilliant mini-festival raising money for the childrens hospital in Oxford, on Saturday July 13th at the Said Business School Amphitheatre just next to Oxford railway station. The first of many amphitheatre shows we hope! Also playing that day will be our friends the Dreaming Spires, Family Machine & The Epstein's Olly Wills, plus a ton of other great bands. Details over on the Shows page..


Also, our London early-evening show on Sunday 14th July at the legendary roots club Come Down and Meet the Folks has been moved to the Betsey Trotwood as the original venue is closed for refurbishment. Thanks to our friend Raz at the Betsey for stepping in, looking forward to eating one of their delicious pies..






Hello Pilgrims. The first news update from Pilgrim-world, and we've got lots to tell you. The warped brain of brilliant film-maker Dan Quanstrom has been hard at work again, making another weird and wonderful video for our new single, Sialo, check it out! Sialo is out 10th June via Battle Worldwide Recordings, and we've recorded a harmony-fueled cover of "Lady" by our hero Dennis Wilson *** you can get a download of this for FREE by joining our mailing list, above, before June 10th***


We've got some great live shows coming up in June, starting with a special harmony singing night in London on June 20th, followed by our first time at the o2 Academy Oxford for the BBC Oxford introducing night; then at the end of the month we're joining our friends the Epstein at the Vortex in London for the release party of their long-anticipated 2nd album "murmurations". In July we're making our debut at our favourite roots music love-in Come Down & Meet the Folks, & most excitingly we are appearing at the 16th edition of Truck festival, on the "Veterans" stage - we've been going there since 1999, with Orko, Black Nielson and last year with CP so we feel well-qualified for the "Veteran" tag! There's details of all these shows plus ticket info over on the shows page.


A Fairer Sea keeps on picking up lovely reviews, 4 stars from R2 magazine & 9/10 from Americana UK's Scott Baxter who said "I love this record.. my 'best of' list for 2013 starts here". Thanks Scott!  We are already hard at work in the studio preparing the follow up to "a fairer sea" which we are very excited about.. more on this next time :-)


Stay true Pilgrims









Welcome Pilgrims to our brand new online home, do stay awhile if you can, and visit often. We'll have regular news here about upcoming SHOWS, RELEASES, VIDEOS and other nutritious things; plus remember to join our mailing list (above) so we can get in touch occasionally when we have something important to tell you.


It's been a thrilling few months at Pilgrim HQ; the new album "a fairer sea" is now out on Battle Worldwide recordings, and is picking up some great reviews. We've had two really unusual and neat videos made, for "a fairer sea" by Claire & Suzy and "22" by Danny Quanstrom - and Danny is starting work on another video as we speak! We've also been getting played on the radio quite a bit in the past few weeks which is really exciting, on BBC 6music, BBC radio 2, XFM and Amazing radio as well as the lovely folks at BBC Oxford introducing - thanks to everyone for your support, it means a lot!


We went on tour for the first time last month, calling in at Birmingham, Reading, Worcester, Oxford & Winchester with our good friend Owen Tromans, and playing a 'best of Oxford' club night in London courtesy of Pindrop performances. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped make the tour such a success, we can't wait to play for you again. We have a few UPCOMING SHOWS already with more in the pipeline soon.


**Special thanks to our lovely friend Mr Trevor Moss for making this snazzy website for us!**


More soon!

Best wishes

from Co-pilgrim



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